We are pleased to announce the latest result of our successful partnership with the Berret-Racoupeau team - the new Hanse 360. Given the global success of the Hanse 460, Hanse 510 and the Hanse 410, we confidently introduce the Hanse 360, believing in the continued excellence and innovation that Hanse Yachts brings to the industry. It is an incredible cruising yacht that will be launched this summer. 


This sailboat represents a revolutionary achievement in the world of yachts, introducing new standards of comfort, practicality, and performance. Generous space inside the hull with a high level of comfort makes this yacht among the best in its class. The Hanse 360 ensures stability and superior performance on the water thanks to the characteristic Hanse chines.

The optional bowsprit enriches the sailing possibilities and enables incredible performance on long cruises. The new Hanse lines are instantly recognizable by the large recessed windows in the hull. As all the other Hanse models, this yacht comes equipped with a self-tacking jib while you can optionally equip it with additional rails on the roof for a 105% genoa. All halyards, sheets, reefs, and outhauls are directed aft to the two wheels.

Simple sailing is the definite highlight of this sailboat. Like every previous Hanse yacht, the Hanse 360 stands out for its easy handling and fast cruising, all thanks to its core heritage - an innovative approach to design, practical layouts, and superior engineering. All lines are led to the helm, making the yacht safe, comfortable, and suitable for single-handed sailing. With the flexibility of two or three cabin layouts with one or two heads and various saloon configurations, the Hanse 360 invites customization to perfectly suit your sailing plans. Whether you want to embark on an adventurous solo voyage or enjoy the company of friends and family, this yacht adapts easily to meet your needs. 


To ensure eco-friendly sailing even without wind, this yacht, like the recently introduced Hanse 410, can also be equipped with a long-range electric drive, which is unique in its class. This groundbreaking feature not only ensures smooth sailing but also underscores Hanse's commitment to sustainability, ushering in a new era of responsible luxury yachting.

Finally, the Hanse 360 promises unforgettable moments at sea and pushes the boundaries in the nautical industry. Are you ready for an unprecedented level of beauty of living on the waves? Contact our sales team for all further information on the Hanse 360 and our charter management program.

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