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The easiest way to your own Hanse yacht!

Owning a yacht often seems like a big commitment. Along with the financial aspect of purchasing and servicing a yacht, you must arrange for the berth, regular maintenance and check-ups while you are also spending time of your long-awaited holidays to get the yacht ready for your sailing trip every time you want to use it. If you would like to own a yacht without having to worry about anything, or if you are not sure you could afford your dream yacht, maintain it or if you think that you will not be using it enough to be worth buying it, our Yachting World charter management is something that would fit in your plans.

The Hanse Yachting World Charter Management program is essentially our range of services that ensure our care of your yacht and its charter guests, making sure that your yacht reaches its charter income potential and retains as much value as possible over the years. This program is designed to make the yacht ownership as easy as it gets while it will also cover your yachts running costs and in certain charter management models bring additional profit, making your yacht purchase an investment.

Our charter management program has already been recognized by many satisfied owners.

Key benefits of charter management

  • excellent booking results, with more than 20 weeks per season
  • financial security with insurance against loss of charter income (in the event of a damage)
  • high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht regardless of its age
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty
  • favourable financing conditions through affiliate leasing companies
  • transparent cash flow reports through constant insight in income and expenses
  • easy sale or trade in with our brokerage support

You will fall in love with this sailing area

Once you enter our Yachting World Charter Management program, your yacht will be based on the Croatian coast, in one of our charter bases.

The Croatian coastline is unique with its 1185 islands and islets and offers fascinating places to discover. You can be a fan of ancient ruins, peaceful bays with crystal clear water to swim in or vibrant and trendy towns, the Croatian coast has it all.

Fascinating nature, a long chain of rugged islands of Croatia's mountainous coast, an abundance of anchorages and a stable climate make Croatia a cruising haven with the perfect sailing conditions.

For all those keen on privacy or those who prefer untouched nature Croatia offers Mediterranean wild beauty, warm colours with beautiful light, generous and fragrant vegetation. Its coast alternates cliffs and caves, rocky inlets, fine pebble beaches and majestic bays. Traveling to Croatia is fast and easy, within 2 hours by plane you can reach it from almost any corner of Europe.

Yachting World Ownership

Yachting World Ownership

Intended for those who want to be flexible in terms of choosing a yacht and its options, flexible in their holiday planning and the duration of our contract and those interested in making maximum return on their investment.

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Yachting World Partnership

Yachting World Partnership

Intended for those who do not want to own a company and actively participate in the yachts business operations, or to be more exact, those who only want to use the yacht for up to 3 weeks a year and do not want to have any cares/obligations regarding the yacht.

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Here is what our clients say

"My name is Daniel Korth. Together with Markus Söfje, I am a managing director and founder of the charter agency Auszeit-yachtcharter. Besides the agency business, we operate our own yachts in the Baltic sea and Croatia. In the operation and maintenance of our Croatian yachts, we have been successfully working with Croatia Yachting as a partner for 5 years now!..."

Written by Daniel Korth

"My name is Jozsef Devenyi, friends call me Joe and I am an electrical engineer, founder, co-owner and CEO of Anico Kft HU. My company is in the radio communication business, but I am also a founder, co-owner and CEO of Happy Sailor d.o.o., used for our charter business in Croatia. Before investing in charter management, I used to charter..."

Written by Jozsef Devenyi - Joe
What about yacht Maintenance?

Sometimes the build year of the yacht is not that important – regardless of the yachts age, a properly maintained yacht is the only way to a satisfied charter guest and at the same time the key to a successful business process. Consequently, our professionally educated staff constantly supervises the condition of the yacht and its equipment. With regular services we act in advance in order to prevent any bigger malfunctions and to provide a safe and high-quality vacation for charter guests. With continuous supervision and maintenance, we ensure the longevity of your yacht and equipment as well as a higher price in charter and a higher market value when you decide to sell the yacht. The owner of the yacht has a permanent insight in maintenance processes and their cost – the yachts that we hold in our bases are the best evidence of the quality of service that we provide.

As an official Hanse representative, we guarantee high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty and after the warranty has passed. In fact, we will make all the warranty claims for you to ensure the yacht is always in top condition.

What if the yacht gets damaged?

All yachts in our charter fleet are covered with a full CASCO insurance policy. Damage repair costs are covered by the insurance policy or the charter client responsible for the damage. Repairs are done either by us as an official Hanse representative or a third-party specialized service, depending on the nature of the necessary repairs.

How is the yacht insured?

The yacht is insured with a full CASCO insurance policy that covers all damage repairs and the loss of charter income from the first day of damage.

Is there insurance against loss of income?

The full CASCO insurance policy covers the loss of charter income from the first day of damage.

How do I get to use my yacht?

In the Hanse Yachting World Ownership you are entitled to 10 owners weeks within the charter season (from April 1st to October 31st) with maximum 3 weeks in July and August and maximum 3 consecutive weeks. You can book the owners weeks in advance. Bear in mind that the more weeks you use the less income you can expect. You can also use additional owners weeks outside of the charter season. When using the owners’ week, the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of yacht preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee.

In the Hanse Yachting World Partnership model you can use the yacht for up to 3 weeks including 2 weeks in high season.

When using the owners’ week, the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of yacht preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee. Just call and book the vacation on the yacht – we will take care of everything else.

What are my options at the end of the Hanse Yachting World partnership contract?
  • You can transfer to our Hanse Yachting World ownership model and earn extra income with your yacht.
  • You can sail away with your yacht.
  • You can trade in your yacht for a new one.
  • You can sell your yacht and perhaps finance a new yacht purchase with the help of Hanse Yachting World partnership model.
  • If you decide to sell your yacht, we can help you with that through our yacht brokerage service.
In what condition is the yacht after the program and what is its market value?

In a very good and fully functional condition. Of course, the result of chartering is a higher level of wear of the yacht, which can be taken care of with minimal investment and reconstruction. In any case, most of the charter yachts in our fleet are in better condition than many private yachts, due to the fact that they are constantly supervised and regularly maintained by professionals in our charter company.

In our experience, after 5 years in the Hanse Yachting World Charter Management program the yacht’s market value is at least 65% of its initial purchase value. This is also one of the advantages when choosing a Hanse yacht, as it is a preferred private owner’s brand and there are not that many used Hanse yachts for sale in any particular moment, as is the case with other yacht brands suitable for charter.

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