This year's Cannes Yachting Festival is behind us, and it left no one indifferent. We had the opportunity to see all the latest trends in the nautical world, and among a bunch of excellent boats, the Hanse 410 stood out. This yacht, which represents the pinnacle of sustainability in shipbuilding, is nominated for the  European Yacht of the Year.  Nothing less was expected from this trendsetter brand, taking into account the Hanse 460 and Hanse 510, which have already ravaged the world's seas with their impressive design and enviable technologies.

If you had a time machine and could travel to the future, the place where you would find yourself is certainly on Hanse 410. This yacht meets all the criteria required for modern sailing, but in compliance with all ecological rules and in accordance with the preservation of our favorite, the sea.

All 41 feet of this yacht are carefully planned, and the design is at a high level, as befits Hanse Yachts. Featuring chines on the bow and stern ensures a smooth waterline, providing perfect performance and making sailing a real art.

This is the first Hanse Yachts model that has an optional electric propulsion system and a range of up to 55 nautical miles. There are also fuel cells that provide energy without emissions. In order to complete the whole eco story, the sail is made of recycled polyester. In addition to meeting the criteria of sustainability, this exclusive sail is also very fast on the water and allows for ease of sailing and catching wind.

We are already fully preparing for the 2024 season, and the impressive Hanse 410 will be available for charter management. Hanse Yachts has proven its worth, and we are very excited to have this yacht in our fleet.


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