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Hanse Yachts is an innovative boatyard, setting high standards for “comfort at sea” and development of fast yachts with an excellent price/performance ratio.

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Hanse yachts are designed by judel/vrolijk & co, one of the finest yacht designers in the world. They draw their experience from the America’s Cup and they have adapted that experience to the serial production of yachts. This means that Hanse yachts guarantee a high level of fun and speed. For years now, Hanse has been a trendsetter in simplifying sailing and making it faster. Hanse always stands for innovative design and continuous development of cruising sail boats. The hull shapes are developed with focus on performance and comfort. In cooperation with Judel/Vrolijk & Co, Hanse yachts hulls are further optimised by taking the latest research results in the field of hydrodynamics into account. This reflects in the vertically designed bow and stern of all Hanse yachts, a feature that allows them to achieve a very long waterline and consequently a significantly increased hull speed. The sail-plan is also optimised. The mast is positioned further to aft, resulting in a larger surface of the self-tacking jib, which benefits performance in light winds. The surface areas of the main sail and jib are very well balanced and that translates into a balanced sailing performance. Hanse yachts stay very neutral in steering under sails. They can stand more heeling, allowing the reefing to be postponed for even stronger winds. Naturally, a fast-sailing yacht is not complete without quality sails aimed at performance. Even in the standard version, Hanse yachts are equipped with high-quality sails by Elvström; these are developed to match the construction and performance of Hanse yachts.


Sailing Hanse yachts is incredibly easy thanks to the self-tacking jib and the fact that all the halyards, extensors and sheets are led to the helmsman position. Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or even singlehandedly. How large a crew do you actually need on a Hanse yacht? If you feel like it, you can sail it all by yourself. In addition to great sailing performance, Hanse places great importance on simplified handling of their yachts. They call this concept Easy Sailing and Hanse is way ahead of the competition regarding this aspect of sailing. Hanse yachts are equipped with an integrated self-tacking jib and that allows fast single-handed tacking without cranking. This truly deserves to be called easy sailing! Running of all halyards, sheets and cunninghams directly to the helmsman is also unique in its class. This enables the helmsman to manoeuvre the boat under sails all by himself from astern – even in stronger winds when a deep keel provides a high level of stability. We are not talking only about sheeting in and slackening of sails, but also setting or reducing sails. All this can be done easily from the wheel. Hanse also typically uses the double-sided main sheet system which can usually be seen on large ocean going racing yachts. As all the sail controls are led to the helmsman, the upper deck remains completely free of winches and clamps while the cockpit is not cluttered by a main sheet lead. The easy handling is not reserved only for sailing. With a combination of bow thruster, stern thruster and deep rudder, docking and casting off turns into child’s play, even in the smallest of harbours.


A vast selection of options, layouts, colours, fabrics, wood and floorings makes every Hanse yacht a unique creation. The Hanse Individual Cabin Concept is unique in serial yacht production! Hanse offers you a selection of colours for the hulls gelcoat and water line. For those who choose to have a lacquered hull surface instead of gelcoat, the range of colour design is almost limitless. With Hanse it is a bit like with an interior design studio, you can design your very own yacht that suits your individual needs. Choose from multiple cabin layout combinations, optional equipment, a multitude of types of wood for furniture and flooring and a broad range of fabrics and colours. The choices can be combined in more than 1,000 ways.


As it has been confirmed by numerous awards, the Hanse brand is known for innovative design of the exterior and interior of its yachts. Modern shapes, colours and fittings make every Hanse yacht really attractive while the innovative design solutions also make it very practical. Hanse stands for innovative design as a guideline in developing each new Hanse yacht. It features modern design and innovative technical solutions that are usually associated with custom luxury yachts. The key is combining modern looks and practicality with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction which is always a priority. For example, the angle of the companionway is very flat, which is a new introduction, and that means that you walk on the stairs instead of climbing the ladder when you are exiting or entering the cabin. The cabins receive a lot of light and air through the numerous portholes, hull windows and hatches. There is plenty of space in the cabins with a lot of wardrobe space, generous navigation area, heads and showers. All this is elegantly designed and low maintenance. The deck and the coach roof are clear, with all the ropes hidden away and all the hatches flush with the deck, so there is nothing to trip over. This also provides plenty of flat spaces for sunbathing. A roomy cockpit is well organized for sailing and relaxing while the passage between two steering wheels gives you easy access to a large foldable bathing platform. Larger Hanse models are even equipped with a garage for a tender under the cockpit.


Hanse covers a wide range of models, from the practical and innovative Hanse 315 to the luxurious Hanse 675. All Hanse models share the same Fast cruising, Easy sailing, Innovative design and Individual customization concepts that make Hanse yachts so special.

Dealer of the year 2019

A new award for Croatia Yachting

We are not in this business for the awards, but it sure is great when they come.

Another recognition came our way recently as Hanse Yachts awarded us the Dealer of the year title for 2019! This, the latest in the string of awards is another proof that hard work and putting the client first is the right and only way. It's safe to say that this recognition motivates us to keep on pushing things forward and continue to be the frontrunner in the nautical industry, not just in Croatia, but also in the world!

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