The Hanse 505 replaces the previous Hanse 495 model and not only builds on the new focus in the Hanse models, but also stands for the implementation of new ideas overall. The Hanse 505 also sets innovative trends in the key areas of design, functionality, technology, performance, luxury and safety. Its unparalleled exterior design with the elegant solid bulwark and the best cockpit in its class sets new standards. The two cockpit tables in the Hanse 505 can also be transformed into a protruding relax launch.

Technical Specification

Длина корпуса 15.40 m
Длина корпуса 14.85 m
Ширина 4.75 m
Газ 2.38 m
Max. Displacement 14.00 t
Mast length ab. WL 22.10 m
Общая площадь паруса 129.00 m2
Главный парус 67.50 m2
Автоматический Стаксель 51.50 m2
Cтандартный двигатель 72 HP
Топливный бак 300 l
Бак пресной воды 650 l
Сертификат СЕ A
Hanse 505
Hanse 505
Hanse 505
Hanse 505
Hanse 505

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