Hanse 495 is made to satisfy even the most demanding sailors looking for impeccable sailing characteristics as well as maximum comfort of the deck. The interior offers a lot of innovative and functional details that make the boat luxurious and practical at the same time. Special attention was put into the spacious and modern style and to the kitchen design, with numerous creative solutions. Hanse 495 is easy to handle, it has a pleasant motion in square chop and offers a fine turn of speed.

Technical Specification

Длина корпуса 15.40 m
Длина корпуса 14.85 m
Длина ватерлинии 13.54 m
Ширина 4.75 m
Газ 2.38 m
водоизмещение 14.00 t
Mast length ab. WL 22.10 m
Общая площадь паруса 129.00 m2
Главный парус 67.50 m2
Автоматический Стаксель 51.50 m2
Cтандартный двигатель 72 HP
Топливный бак 300 l
Бак пресной воды 650 l
Сертификат СЕ A
Кораблестроитель judel / vroljik & co
Hanse 495

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