Today we are unveiling:

• The new Hanse 348
• The new Hanse 388
• The new Hanse 418
• The new Hanse 548

Breaking Rules. Setting Trends - 4 pioneering new yachts
We are pleased to present the four new Hanse yachts to you today and to give you an insight into the future of Hanse. Since the release of the Hanse 291 in 1993, Hanse has written a breathtaking success story. With constant new yachts and innovations, Hanse has shaped not just the shipyard but also the industry as a whole and, after 24 years, can call itself the second-biggest yacht manufacturer in the world.
The four new Hanse yachts signal a new era of the brand and pave the way into the future. Our claim: Faster, more convenient, more luxurious and even easier to use.

Fire, water, air, earth - Hanse is at one with the elements
Big designs are always the result of bigger visions. The four yachts we have developed are based on the four elements from ancient Greece and are perfectly designed to cope with the elements at sea:

Fire - sun and light are essential for an unforgettable sea experience and are part and parcel of every cruise. The new Hanse yachts have been designed especially for the sun and are equipped with large portholes and windows, as well as skylights in the bathrooms.

Water - the new Hanse yachts possess perfect hydrodynamics designed by judel/vrolijk & co with pre-balanced rudders and slim L-keels for more lift on the up wind course.

Air - moving air is the element that drives us. In order to embrace this element even more, the new Hanse yachts have been fitted with higher masts and larger Sail plans. This results in even higher speeds and fewer engine hours. If there is too much wind, the large sailing area can be easily and quickly made smaller by one person using the Hanse one-line reefing system.

Earth - the earth is our home and never fails to enthral us with all of its colours and shapes. In the summertime, the Hanse is the home for family and friends and boasts plenty of comfort and modern design. Roseo Design has compiled an even higher quality interior design concept, which ensures more luxury and attractiveness below deck.

The new Hanse yachts at a glance

All press manuals and images of the individual yachts are now available on the HanseYachts press site. Discover the impressive Sail plans and design concepts, which will soon be seen on the water.

Hanse 348
The Hanse 348 may be the smallest yacht in the new Hanse fleet, yet boasts the same luxury and value as its three bigger cousins. The clear shape of the deck gives it a sportier look and the horizontally mounted panorama window in the saloon perfects the outward appearance.

Length: 10,40 m
Width: 3,55 m
Price before VAT: 91.900 €

Hanse 388
Six hull windows on 38 feet are a privilege and flood the elegant interior with daylight. With a sailing area of 67.5 m2, it is both attractive and fast.

Length: 11,40 m
Width: 3,90 m
Price before VAT: 114.900 €

Hanse 418
Besides the high rig and the tailored interior, it is particularly the windows in the rump and the glass panels alongside the companionway that make the new Hanse 418 stand out.

Length: 12,41 m
Width: 4,17 m
Price before VAT: 145.900 €

Hanse 548
Equipped with a tender garage, a T-Top, two forestays and 12 rump windows, the new Hanse 548 shows how luxury sailing on 55 feet can look. The interior of the yacht boasts a fine fabric finishing and a modern lounge character.

Length: 16,22 m
Width: 5,05 m
Price before VAT: 349.000 €

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